Friday, August 13, 2010

She dresses him up like a Princess...and she stole his nose!!

Hello Blog! I've missed you!

I'm off work...well...I've been off since July 1st! My company moved and is now an 85 mile commute in Southern California traffic...soooo...needless to say, I chose to get laid off instead of making the drive. 2 hours a day EACH WAY in traffic just isn't in the cards if I plan on being present in my kids lives! It was bad enough working full time and having them in daycare all day. Having them in daycare from 7-7 just was NOT an option. So...I'm home now...loving some days....wanting to pull my hair out other days. It's a huge adjustment around here. I'm not one to want to be a "stay at home mom". Yes...I love my kids dearly, but I'm just not cut out to stay home. I like to work. Plus...I NEVER EVER want to be stuck in a relationship because I can't support myself and can't leave. It happened once...I didn't leave when I wanted to and then it all ended badly. No regrets because I have 2 amazing kids...but...I know I should have left long before it ended.

Moving on...the summer has been a BLAST! We went to Illinois to visit family for 2 weeks! Yes TWO WHOLE WEEKS! I haven't been on a vacation that long in forever! It was so much fun. I really really miss my family! They are so crazy and fun! We've spent quite a few days at the beach, the pool, playdates and some days just lounging around the house.

I have a funny story to tell....The kids have been fighting quite a bit...because they get bored so of them takes the other kids toy, whatever and they end up chasing each other around the house or one of them hits or bites the other one. Some days I want to scream...well...some days I DO scream! Yesterday morning as I was making breakfast, Chasey "stole" Cash's nose! You your grandpa used to do to you when you were a kid...Well...she took off running and wouldn't give it back! It was actually REALLY REALLY funny and I didn't know whose side to take in that fight! Chasey was just pretending...but Cash thought she really had his nose! I was laughing and yelling at Chasey all at the same time..." least PRETEND to give him his nose back"....Cash was freaking out! In the end...she "GAVE" his nose back and we moved on.
Look at this picture!! This is just ONE of the pictures, videos, etc that I have of Cash this summer dressed in his princess gear! That's the downfall of having a big sister I guess!