Thursday, September 8, 2011

9/11 - Where were you?

(photo from google images)

I can't believe the 10 year anniversary of 9/11 is this Sunday! 10 years? Only 10 years ago? Or seems like yesterday? 

I've had so much happen to me in the last 10 could last a lifetime....A lifetime of joy, sorrow, pain, happiness, struggles and triumphs. I keep reading other bloggers posts about how 9/11 seems like yesterday. Although I remember the day really does seem like a lifetime ago.

Where were you on that morning? I don't know one single person that can't tell you the exact moment and place that they were when they heard about the towers. I was living with my ex (he was my fiance at the time) and his mom....Our know...the old school house phone....rang around 6:30am. We're on the west coast so we were still in bed.  It was my ex's brother...calling to tell us to turn on the tv. Our TV was up in the corner of our room. I can still picture myself standing there under the tv....just staring up at it in disbelief.

I had to get ready for work so I had to peel myself away to shower and get ready....I was getting ready while constantly checking the television. Somehow I managed to get ready and out the door. When I got to work there was a note on the door. "The office is closed...please go home"....or something along those lines. There were still a couple of planes "missing" and my office was only about 10 miles away from the San Onofre Nuclear power plant...and just south of Camp Pendleton Marine Base. I went home and glued myself to the tv.

My aunt was here visiting from Illinois and was supposed to get on a plane that day.....but all flights were grounded so she was stuck here for a few days. It just so happens that she found out she was pregnant the day before she was supposed to leave so I went and picked her up and took her out to lunch. I stopped at the grocery store and bought her a rattle....See...I told you I remember all the details of the day! Being out to lunch was surreal....we went to a restaurant that I used to work at and it was just a strange everyone was walking around in a haze. I had a fish kabob and a double salad with ranch dressing.

At some point I made it to bed that night....but I had nightmares for weeks on end. I just KNEW that there were people trapped in air pockets....people wanting help and still alive, but no one could get to them. I actually had vivid dreams of people stuck. It was was hard to sleep. I'm sure....well...I know I was right because there were a few survivors that tell tales of people still being alive after the towers collapsed, but dying after a few hours or days. I wanted to help, but I was on the west coast. If I had the means I would have been on a plane to hand out waters, to feed the rescue workers...anything...just anything....I wanted to help so badly.

Chasey is in first grade now....I'm sure she will ask about it soon. It's history...and I lived it. It was one of the saddest times in my life. It was also the first time that I was truly proud to be an American and I was thankful for the country that I live in. I had a flag in the window of my silver Honda Civic and I was proud to display it.

I will be glued to whatever TV programs are on this Sunday....I really don't want to relive that day....but the lives that were lost deserve our respect and they will never...ever be forgotten!