Friday, January 28, 2011

"You can make new friends...but you can't make old ones!"

One of the...well...maybe the only reason I love facebook! Reconnecting with old friends!

It's seems crazy to me how much I lost touch with some of my BEST FRIENDS! Through our twenties we all kind of went different directions and completely lost touch. There was a group of us in high school that was together constantly...for years on end! I did stay in touch with about 4 of them...but there were a few that were just as much a part of the group that we lost touch with. I'm still amazed that we were not at each others weddings!! Now that we've reconnected, it's like we haven't missed a beat! Yes...we spent about 15 years doing "other things" but now we are all mid-30's...have husbands (or have had them at some point), have kids and really, truly appreciate great girlfriends!

I can't even express how thankful I am for great friends!! I was at Marshalls the other day (one of my favorite places!) when I saw a sign that said "You can make new friends...but you can't make old ones!" I should have bought it! But now it's my new motto! I love to make new friends...but I will NEVER EVER take for granted the lifelong friends that I have!

James even tells me how much he appreciates the fact that I have great friends and I make such an effort to see them! His ex only had 1 friend...He says that should have been a warning to him! Live and learn...another motto of mine! :)

The five of us...have created all of 2 more that are missing from the photo!

There's a couple more that live out of state...Emily, Bridget...I can't wait until they come visit so we can all get together and cause some havoc somewhere!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A New Chapter divorce is final! FINALLY! It only took so long because my ex and I drug our feet on a few things...but it's over. And I'm actually glad it took so long! I opened the letter last week and read it....and not one single emotion came over me! That is exactly how it should be! I didn't feel like a bowling ball had hit me in the stomach...I didn't feel happy about it...It just was! Ahhhhh......I'm over it! It's nice to know! I've been over it for quite a long time, but little things would creep up and it would still hurt...Like going to Costco a couple of Christmas's ago and the photo guy gave me "his" Christmas cards and not mine...When I opened it...It was MY kids....him....her...and all of her kids! I about died! If that happened now, I wouldn't care at all...but at the time it still hurt a little! Him and I get along fine now and I even sent him a "Happy Divorce Day" text! I told him he could finally start dating!! haha....that was funny since we both live with other people now! I wouldn't quite consider us friends...but that's not because of me...I want to be friends with everyone!

So...with my new chapter...I'm getting organized! Trying to at least! Here's a pic of the new toy storage in the living room....and a before and after of the toy storage on Chasey's half of the bedroom! Living with 4 people in 1100 sq. ft can get a little tight! We are trying to make the best of every square inch!

and this is my living room on a typical night....Cash trying to get naked...Chasey making clothes out of napkins and doing gymnastics off the couch!

Here's to Chapter 3 and all of it's possibilities! Bring it on!
(chapter 3 because...chapter 1...before marriage....chapter 2...marriage...chapter life now!)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Fuzzy's Christmas Vacation!

Happy New Year Everyone!!!'s been over a month since I posted! We've been busy! Super busy! We spent 2 weeks in Illinois and Michigan with our families over the holidays! So much fun! I love spending time with my family! James family and friends got to meet the kids for the first time they have even MORE family! They are the most loved kids in the world!

Chasey turned 6 on December 19th! My sweet little preemie is SIX YEARS OLD! SO much has happened in the past 6 years...It feels like she's been here for a lifetime already! I don't really remember life before her! Because it was her birthday, she got to take home "Fuzzy" the kindergarten class bear! Each kid gets to take it home for a weekend and then write a couple of pages in his book and then bring it back to share with all of the kids. Well...we were lucky and got to take him for TWO whole weeks! He flew on an airplane, spent birthdays, Christmas, New Years....all with us! We loved having him and here are the 2 pages I made to put in his book! I wanted to include a ton of pictures without taking up 10 pages!

We are so happy to be home! It was a great vacation but with little ones, it's nice to be on a schedule again! We have friends coming for dinner tonight and we are trying out our new "salt slab." It's a 7 lb block of himalayan sea salt! You heat it up on the grill and then cook your seafood on it! We got it here. I bought grouper and scallops. Grouper wasn't my first choice, but it looked the freshest!

Happy Saturday night my friends! I'll let you know how the seafood turns out!