Monday, February 21, 2011

"Winter Break"

Chasey had a week off last week...It's "Winter Break" or "Presidents Week"...whatever they call it, It's nice to not be tied down to a school schedule for a week!...We slept in most days...did a lot of lounging...and had some fun in between! Here's one or two...or from the week!

It was my "Every other weekend" for the first part of the break and I took a trip to Big Bear with 15 girls!! Yes...15!!! We stayed in a huge gorgeous cabin and had so much fun just having some girl time! This picture cracks me up...It's the 2nd one that was taken and Carolina was getting in the hot tub and jumped in the pic behind us. We didn't know until she started laughing!

Since I'm having a "rotating issue" is the 1st pic!

Then the girls left and James came up for a day!

Spent a nice Valentines Dinner at home with my 3 favorites!

Met up with some old friends at the Long Beach Aquarium. The Lorikeets there are SO friendly! They would get on your finger even if you didn't have food! Loved them!

Had a "Bowling, Bieber and Sushi girls day!"

A nice big Fat Lip...

A little bit of "SingStar"

And finished it up with some Motorcyle Racing at the San Diego Supercross!! It was Cash's first race and he loved it! It poured rain, but luckily we had seats that were we stayed completely dry!

As much as I loved a little's nice to be back on a schedule...but I am looking forward to summer vacation! :)

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