Monday, December 5, 2011

November...where did you go?

November sure did come and go in a flash! The month took a crazy turn when my 4 year old got sick and we spent 3 days in the Emergency Room at Children's hospital! They kept sending us home and we kept ending up back in there! The third time we were sent there from the dr's office in an AMBULANCE!!!

Look how sick my poor little guy was...This was day one in the ER

Thankfully....he's healthy now...turns out he had a severe kidney infection which caused a high (105 high) fever and he had a febrile seizure on Wednesday morning...around 5am....His fever went down with meds and they did a chest x-ray and ended up sending us home...Said he had an upper respitory infection of some kind?! He started throwing up in the car on the way home from the hospital and then could not keep anything down so we went back to the ER at 5am Thursday with a 104 fever! Tests....tests...and more tests ensued....They found a kidney infection while doing a Cat Scan on Thursday....urine tests were not showing it. Gave us antibiotics and sent us home...Friday morning follow up at the dr. and he had 103 fever and was super lethargic....Had a stiff neck and could barely move. We were sent back to Children's in an ambulance....I rode in the back with him and I got carsick! I almost threw up!!!

Long story short....he had a rare bacteria causing the infection and the antibiotics they gave him were not working so by Saturday we had him on the correct meds and he was starting to feel better....At the follow up appt on Monday, the dr discovered that he also had Coxsackie virus (aka-hand, foot, mouth)....So the stiff neck had been caused by blisters in the throat that were not visible! He was back to his normal self by Thursday of that week, but it was a good solid week of sickness! It was crazy for my hyper little monster to be so sick and just lay around for an entire week!
We did a lot of laying around waiting for tests and test results...I think they need bigger TV's in the ER! If I'm ever super rich...I'm donating them to the Rady Children's ER! 

What I love about Children's Hospital is that every time you have a procedure done they give you stickers! Not just one...but like 4 or 5! Cash came home with a TON of stickers!! He loved that part!
When you drive to the ER before sunrise 2 mornings in a row...You get to enjoy a magnificent sunrise from the parking garage!

Cash's buddy Ashlynn came to visit him when we got home. She missed him!

Finally got him to eat and drink...He downed a smoothie, but as you can tell...he is super skinny!

Chasey missed going to see the sold out Annie on Friday night because I was at the hospital with Cash...My friend's husband and son were kind enough to give up their tickets for the Sunday show so Chasey could see it! It was a junior theater production and it was Awesome!!! far as "being thankful" in November goes...I realized how truly blessed I am to have healthy children! I'm thankful everyday, but when you spend a few days at a Children's Hospital and see the families that are basically living there day in and day out you truly truly count your blessings!


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  1. Thankful is RIGHT.

    Can be so scary when your children are involved.

    Happy and grateful he is better.