Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hannah Montana!!!!.....

So..My daughters dream came true last week! We were invited to attend a taping of HANNAH MONTANA!! An old friend of mine is a camerman on the show and he's been trying to get us in all season. This is the LAST season and the show actually wraps next week...FOR GOOD! It was a last minute trip, but I called my friend Jen and her and her daughter joined us for the day. Such a memorable experience for the girls...and us mommies!

view from our seats in the audience

Chasey got to pretend she was the camera girl!

For all you die-hard Hannah Montana fans...the set does not look familiar because this is the set for the FINAL season...which has not started to air yet. We were actually there for the 12th show out of 14 for the season

In the final season, they move into a new house in Malibu

The new hangout is "Santa Monica Pier" and no longer the beach hangout...this is the arcade

Blue Jeans (Miley's horse) now lives at the house...he can actually peek into the girls room from his stable

Chasey had the BIGGEST smile on her face all day! It was so great to get to experience this with her

again...the girls were SO lucky! They even got a script from the episode and laminated backstage passes!

I had all of the pictures made into a photo book for Chasey...I can't wait to get it. I figured that was a whole lot easier than letting a 5 year take a bunch of pictures to school to show her friends!
The day was amazing...I swear I have the BEST friends with some of the coolest jobs on the planet!!


  1. Amazing! Oh my gosh, how much fun did you guys have?! It pays to have a cool, connected mom like you!:)

  2. It was such a great day Haydee! I'm so happy I got to share that experience with her...It's comparable to if we would have gotten to see a taping of Punky Brewster...or Silver Spoons!! :)