Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dear Blog...

You have been neglected...I know that...but this is why...

We've been at the beach

I took the kids to a Renaissance Fair and scared the crap out of them! Seriously! They cried for about 2 hours every time someone in costume would even come NEAR them!
But then...we did turtle races...and all was ok!

We've been playing at home...some of us in our underwear!

(deleted this picture because I am realizing that pics of kids in their underwear are driving way too much traffic to my blog....DISGUSTING!!!)

Then...when the kids went to their dads...James and I went camping at the beach...It was our "trial run"...since I haven't been camping in SOOO long. I wanted to try it out before bringing the kids along! I can't WAIT to go back!

I'm still new at this outdoor thing!

and...because sometimes I still think like a 12 year old boy....this was in our "bonfire" wood pile!


  1. hah! so funny that the renaissance fair scared them. ;)

  2. Nice piece of wood! I had to lol at that one Mel!

  3. hilarious. love it. Mine has been neglected for months!