Sunday, October 10, 2010

Blogging is so....time consuming!

So...I have completely and 100% neglected this blog all summer! I thought for SURE once I wasn't working I would have so much time on my hands! HA! That's a joke! I'm WAY busier now than when I was working full time. Not really sure how that works, but all my other unemployed friends say the same thing!

I HAVE been blogging all summer...just not here. I write for Lady & The Blog and it really takes up quite a bit of time to review products, gather info, pictures etc to get it all posted in a timely manner!

I'm LOVING this new gig though. I've reviewed everything from chicken nuggets, to beautiful Italian leather boots, to cookbooks, to makeup and everything in-between. It's so much fun to have the UPS guy or the Fed-ex guy or the mailman deliver packages to me all the time!

The kids are loving their new schools! Chasey looks forward to going to school every morning and always tells me how much she loves homework. She told me Friday that she REALLY wants to tell her teacher that she is the best teacher ever, but she's too embarrassed to tell her! sweet! I told her she should make her a when she gets home from her dad's tonight, that's what we are going to do! We will make the teacher a card! She needs to know how much she is appreciated! With 17 boys and 9 girls to deal with everyday, I'm sure a "thank you" every now and then is MUCH appreciated!

The kids have kept us quite entertained lately. Now that it gets darker a little earlier we don't have time to be riding bikes or playing outside after dinner. So now Cash entertains us with his "dinner dance" so we've named it! Around dinner time every night that kid lights up and dances, sings, dresses up in his sister's princess dresses and just does whatever to make us laugh!
Here a few pictures of his recent antics!

I have a headache...I'm going to take a nap before the kids come home! xoxo


  1. you get PAID TO BLOG?!!!! tell me more!!!!

  2. he's going to kill you someday for these cross-dressing pictures... but you know that already, which is probably why you do it! so freakin' cute!