Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I guess I haven't totally F&#@ed her up! ....at least not yet!!

My poor kids....Divorce is never a good thing for kids...When you are 2 1/2, I'm not sure if it's harder because you have NO CLUE what is happening...or if it's easier...because you have NO CLUE what is happening! I'm thinking it's the latter...at least that's how I sleep at night. I feel like it was going to happen eventually so I'm glad it happened when it did.

My kids (according to those around me who tell me this...people like their old daycare providers/preschool teachers) are pretty well-adjusted. I've tried my hardest to keep their lives pretty normal and it was rare that I ever even cried in front of them. I cried ON Cash many many nights while he was nursing...taking a shower in my tears, but I kept my tears to myself when it came to Chasey. Looking back, I'm pretty sure I did the right thing.

So...Chasey is more my concern with long-lasting effects of divorce than Cash. Cash was oblivious to all that was happening around him and now he is just one lucky little guy to have a dad that loves him AND to have James in his life who loves both of my kids dearly. Basically my kids have 2 dads! I have 3 dads...and I consider myself one of the luckiest girls in the world! (I won't get into details on my 3 dads today...but really...I'm just lucky).

I was walking Chasey to school the other day and we walked past one of those dandelion seed things...You know..the kind you blow on and the seeds go flying into the air!? We walked past it and Chasey RAN back to get it. She brought it to me and said "Mom, make a wish!" I did...and I blew on it....I only blew half and told her to blow on the other half and make a wish.

As we were walking onto campus, she looked at me and said "Do you want to know what I wished for?" Of course I said yes. She told me in her sweet little five year old voice....
"I wished that everyone in the world was healthy!"

WOW! I thought for sure she would wish for the latest and greatest toy she saw on a commercial that morning...but no...she wished for everyone to be healthy! I don't even know if she realizes what it means to really be sick?!

My heart melted! I am one proud mom! I've done good! (and yes...I say I...because I take credit for about 75% of their upbringing! Disneyland Dad is just that)

and...just a picture of why it's cool to write reviews...When I get frozen products (ie...Seapaks new frozen "popcorn fish") the kids get to play with the dry ice!

oh...and HI MOM! We love you and miss you!