Sunday, June 13, 2010

Busy...Busy...and Preschool Graduation!...

We have been SO busy. James is back at the river this weekend for his annual "boys river trip" it's just been me and the kids this weekend.

Chasey graduated from preschool on Friday. It was SOOOO cute! She was so nervous and so excited! Her little tummy was hurting that morning from nerves! She did great and sang louder than the other kids and knew all of her sign language. The kids all wore cap and gowns. The whole thing was less than 15 minutes...but it was so awesome to see my little girl growing up! Her dad & crew, Grandma, Aunt Gina and my friend Kathy and her kids were all there to celebrate with us.

We made cute vases for Teachers Gifts....inspired by The Anderson Crew

Chasey got to pick where we went for dinner after...Of course...It was SUSHI! She chose sushi over McDonalds!! THAT'S my girl!! :)

Yesterday I volunteered for a Charity Golf Tournament for Fight ALD. I drove around and helped serve beer, sell mulligans and take photos. It was super fun. The kids came and joined me for the dinner and awards ceremony. I bought raffle tickets and put Chasey's name on them and she won a limited edition bottle of Sawyers Triple Beer from Stone Brewing Co.! was pretty funny that she won. She was really confused! I took a million pictures...but not with my camera so I don't have any to post here today.

and a random...Why I love summer picture....

Off to the beach today...let's hope the marine layer is gone by the time we get there! June is the strangest weather month is Southern was freezing cold 2 days ago (well...freezing as in 60's and windy!) and today it's supposed to be in the 80's!

Happy Sunday!

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  1. yah, those vases turned out sooooo cute!! ack, i'm super jealous of your beach life that you live. the beach is close for us, but not as close as it is for ya'll. and san diego...sigh, i spent a summer there and loved every minute of it.

    hope you're well...and enjoy those kiddies this summer!