Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A New Chapter divorce is final! FINALLY! It only took so long because my ex and I drug our feet on a few things...but it's over. And I'm actually glad it took so long! I opened the letter last week and read it....and not one single emotion came over me! That is exactly how it should be! I didn't feel like a bowling ball had hit me in the stomach...I didn't feel happy about it...It just was! Ahhhhh......I'm over it! It's nice to know! I've been over it for quite a long time, but little things would creep up and it would still hurt...Like going to Costco a couple of Christmas's ago and the photo guy gave me "his" Christmas cards and not mine...When I opened it...It was MY kids....him....her...and all of her kids! I about died! If that happened now, I wouldn't care at all...but at the time it still hurt a little! Him and I get along fine now and I even sent him a "Happy Divorce Day" text! I told him he could finally start dating!! haha....that was funny since we both live with other people now! I wouldn't quite consider us friends...but that's not because of me...I want to be friends with everyone!

So...with my new chapter...I'm getting organized! Trying to at least! Here's a pic of the new toy storage in the living room....and a before and after of the toy storage on Chasey's half of the bedroom! Living with 4 people in 1100 sq. ft can get a little tight! We are trying to make the best of every square inch!

and this is my living room on a typical night....Cash trying to get naked...Chasey making clothes out of napkins and doing gymnastics off the couch!

Here's to Chapter 3 and all of it's possibilities! Bring it on!
(chapter 3 because...chapter 1...before marriage....chapter 2...marriage...chapter life now!)


  1. Oh I'm so, so happy for you Mel! I can tell from your words how "free" you feel:) And that Costco story ... ugh!! But what an incredible affirmation that that same scenario would have such a lesser affect on you today. That is awesome. Good things are definitely coming your way for you and the fam:)

  2. a belated congrats, mel! so stoked you can finally close that chapter! you are amazing and have such a good attitude and outlook:)