Friday, January 28, 2011

"You can make new friends...but you can't make old ones!"

One of the...well...maybe the only reason I love facebook! Reconnecting with old friends!

It's seems crazy to me how much I lost touch with some of my BEST FRIENDS! Through our twenties we all kind of went different directions and completely lost touch. There was a group of us in high school that was together constantly...for years on end! I did stay in touch with about 4 of them...but there were a few that were just as much a part of the group that we lost touch with. I'm still amazed that we were not at each others weddings!! Now that we've reconnected, it's like we haven't missed a beat! Yes...we spent about 15 years doing "other things" but now we are all mid-30's...have husbands (or have had them at some point), have kids and really, truly appreciate great girlfriends!

I can't even express how thankful I am for great friends!! I was at Marshalls the other day (one of my favorite places!) when I saw a sign that said "You can make new friends...but you can't make old ones!" I should have bought it! But now it's my new motto! I love to make new friends...but I will NEVER EVER take for granted the lifelong friends that I have!

James even tells me how much he appreciates the fact that I have great friends and I make such an effort to see them! His ex only had 1 friend...He says that should have been a warning to him! Live and learn...another motto of mine! :)

The five of us...have created all of 2 more that are missing from the photo!

There's a couple more that live out of state...Emily, Bridget...I can't wait until they come visit so we can all get together and cause some havoc somewhere!

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