Thursday, April 15, 2010

It's Big Mommy!...

Wow!! Cash blew me away this of those "oh my gosh, I can NOT believe my kid just said that" moments...You know, one where you want to laugh uncontrollably, but really, he was just stating a fact! I LOVE this parenting gig! I get so many laughs and good times in my own living room!

Cash just woke up...
Me: got him out of his crib and brought him to the living room to change his diaper
Cash: "Mommy, my pee pee is BIG!"
Me: Yes it is buddy! (while dying laughing on the inside)

So simple and innocent and really just stating a WAS morning afterall (if you know what I mean)...but the 12 year old in me was just dying!

Here are a couple of pictures of that Crazy kid!

We are NEVER without entertainment in this house!

(and don't mind the glad trash bags behind him...I swear...all I see when I look at this picture is Glad trash bags and dirty carpet! ACK!)


  1. haha! that is so funny! love it.

  2. all I keep thinking is, "he is still in his crib????" mine jumped out at 18-20 months and had to go to a bed. sigh.
    the hard on thing is hilarious. my first would get so mad..."mommy! it's hard! make it go down!" ha ha ha ha