Monday, April 12, 2010

My Newfound "Green Thumb".... least I hope I can keep these plants alive! I have a tendency to forget to water things!

This weekend I planted a few things to do my part in "keeping the planet green"....I planted a veggie, 2 herbs and lots of flowers....I live in a I don't have room for a real garden...I do have the room for a raised garden box, but first I want to see if I can grow a few things before I try my hand at growing a LOT of things!

I bought one of those "topsy-turvy tomato planter" things a couple of weeks ago. I honestly thought it was an "all-inclusive" purchase and I thought it would have everything I needed inside that little box. I sat down to put my planter together a few days after my purchase and realized that I needed potting I put it all back in the box and waited until another free day to buy potting soil and get this thing started!

Sooo...Saturday morning I ran out and bought potting soil and came home to put together my tomato planter...What do you know?? It doesn't come with a tomato plant!!! I did NOT think it would actually have a plant with it, but I thought it would have seeds? and I thought it would have potting know, the kind that you soak in water and it grows to 100x it's size! I've bought other kits and everything was always included!

After a trip to Home Depot and seeing all the pretty garden veggie plants....I came home with a really cute Cherry Tomato plant...and a Sweet Basil plant and a Cilantro plant. Wish me luck!! If this works out...maybe next year I'll plant a "real" garden!

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  1. I have one of those tomato plant kits so I'm glad to know I'll need soil before we get started. Thanks!