Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring Break!!!

This is the first year that we actually have "Spring Break" around here. Now that Chasey is in school, we really enjoy the time that she is off and we get to sleep in (she does...Cash doesn't let me), go to the beach, park, whatever we feel like and we are not on a time schedule...
Love it!!

One of my best friends from high school and her family are staying in Newport Beach for the week so we went up and stayed a couple of days with them. She has 4 kids so my kids were in heaven with so many people to play with!

We spent the first day at the pool, made smores by the firepit at night and spent all day yesterday at the beach...and then the pool! Now THAT is a vacation! Even if it was only for 2 days!!
Were back's sprinkling and everyone is napping! It's a great day!

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