Thursday, April 28, 2011

We love Spring!...

I just LOVE the ages my kids are at now...if I could stop time and keep them here forever, I would be one happy mommy! They are just so much fun! They are both learning so many things every single day. Chasey is reading now...actually READING on her own. She writes letters and cards to us almost daily. I have saved them all because the majority of the time things are spelled out as she hears them....instead of how they are actually spelled...but it is really the sweetest, coolest thing ever! I will post some of her letters soon!

Cash has grown up so much too! He is still my baby...but he has grown up so much! He talks a ton now...he mimicks everything we say! He will stand next to me, James or Chasey and literally copy every single word that comes out of our mouths....sometimes it's really annoying....but for the most part, I'm just SO thrilled that he is talking so much now! He is the coolest, most athletic, most coordinated little guy I've ever known! He can ride a bike like a pro and can hit baseballs over my head! He's THREE!!! and a half....but still...THREE!

For Easter....that crazy bunny brought the kids 2 really cool kites! Not the kind of kites we had when we were little...but cool....awesome...super huge kites! James put them together for us the other night and we took off to the park to try them out! The park was full of soccer we walked off into the trails by the lake. It was super fun and so cool to be a part of teaching the kids something that I loved as a kid myself!


DC Twinsies!...haha

Potty Training....when you gotta gotta go!

Many days I forget that I live down the street from such an amazing, beautiful lake, hiking trails and rolling hills! I've been here over 2 years and I am just now visiting the area almost on a weekly basis! Once again...another reason why I love the kids ages...we don't have to take a stroller everywhere we go...and the kids enjoy "finding treasures" (thanks Aunt Vicki for teaching Chasey about "treasure hunts") on our walks and they are enjoying all that nature has to offer! (of course being unemployed and trying to find "free" entertainment all over town helps too! Kind of makes you look at the whole world differently...for the better...for sure!)


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  1. omg that potty training photo is too much! haha!!