Monday, March 22, 2010

The Dentist....

I took the kids to the dentist this morning...It was Cash's first visit. He wasn't the best patient...but he IS only 2 1/2!

Chasey has been a few times before, but i just took her to my dentist. I decided not take her there after the butchering I had done there recently...Can I just say OUCH!!!...and it was just a cleaning!!! I got a referral to a pediatric dentist. I will recommend to ALL my mom friends...Take your kids to a pediatric dentist!!! Don't even bother with a regular dentist. This place was so cool! There were video games in the waiting room, TV's on ceiling in each room and the kids got to pick their own movie to watch...AND jars of toys on display for for them to pick one when they were done! The only way I got Cash to sit still was to keep reminding him that he could get a truck from the jar if he just sat still for a little bit!

Didn't have my camera...only my phone...

"THUMBS UP!!" No cavities!!

staring at the TV on the ceiling

Scariest picture ever!! Swollen eyes this morning! I felt like CRAP!


  1. cute shot of chasey!
    why are your eyes so swollen?!:(

  2. rockin' the camera phone! I love it! ok, explain the eyes...and you never gave us a follow up of that sample you had to give the doctor. what was that medical issue you had? email me ;)