Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I learned to SEW!!!....

So...I learned how to sew!!! YIPPEEE!! I keep seeing cute tutorials online and borrowed a REALLY old sewing machine from my aunt...No one to tell me how to even turn the thing on...Needless to say I got frustrated and put it away!

The next weekend my "ex" mother-in-law let me (long term) borrow one of hers! Newer...with instructions and she gave me a quick lesson on how the machine works! It took a few hours and definitely used my seam ripper a few times....but VOILA!
My FIRST skirt!!

And my SECOND skirt!!

The first one...I followed a tutorial...kind of! I thought I could do my own thing...It's best to LEARN how to sew before making your own patterns....It's still cute and it has a tie in the back (that's the part that I was "winging it" on).
The second skirt I actually FOLLOWED the directions and what do you know? It all worked! It has an elastic waist and it's WAY too long...but once again, still cute! I have the cutest little model so I really can't go wrong!

Stay tuned for many, many more sewing projects! :) add link to tutorial that I used
Note-I did NOT use Moda pre-cut strips...I cut my own out of fabric that I liked and I made the stips a little wider (3") in the pink and black skirt.


  1. OMG, you rock! I still only sew in straight lines for blankets or on paper for scrapbooks (BEEN EONS!) I need to break it out. LOVE THE SKIRTS. Way cute fabric! where did you get it?

  2. THANKS!! I had so much fun! I bought the fabric at Joann's in Temecula. They have such a huge selection!! We are going to Disneyland Sunday and Monday...I'm going to get some Disney fabric to make a skirt for her to wear! :)

  3. That's so awesome, Melissa!!! Sewing is on my short-term "learn-to-do" list. My mom is loaning me her machine the next time I see her but I'm loving those skirts. Can you point me to a tutorial for those?

  4. Nice Mel! I wish I had the patience for this. They look so good for your first time! And Chasey is cutest little model!:)

  5. I love it- it came out great!!!
    new follower