Monday, March 8, 2010

Just a little of our weekend...

First off…I signed up with some friends to play on a softball team….I haven’t played softball (without alcohol involved…aka: Sloshball) since I was in high school…and even then, it was only in PE. We had practice the Friday night before…and we Suck…with a big capital S! WE SUCK!! It’s ok…its just for fun, so who really cares! It’s just a fun night with my girlfriends and the kids run around and it’s going to be fun….
At least that is what I thought!... Me…and the other 4 girls that I know (it’s co-ed…I just don’t know the rest of the people) were planning on having a fun time together. Recap of our first game…the other team is SO SERIOUS and we got our asses kicked!! They were REALLY good and made it not fun for us at all….I guess whoever signed our team up signed us up in the last spot available in the league…In the Upper division!!! So stupid! I really don’t care if we win or lose…I just want to have a good time. It was so bad that the other team was pissed that they had to play against us! I don’t blame them…what fun is that for them? So…we will be playing every Friday night…well…THEY will be playing every Friday night…I will play for a few more weeks and if they don’t switch our team to another level then I will not be making the hour drive just to stand there and get my ass handed to me! I’m not a quitter…but even the umpire told us we didn’t belong there and we would be having a blast on the other fields! (the lower levels). UGH! I really really want to play…but for FUN! I’m not trying to relive my childhood years!

Ok…that rant is over…the rest of the weekend was really fun, rainy and mellow! I went to a sample sale early Saturday morning…I mean EARLY…get up at 5am early…just to go to a SALE! But…it was worth it for sure! James watched the kids for me....I snuck out at 5am…Cash woke up at 5:30!! It’s normal…but James was really hoping he was going to sleep in! Haha…I told him “welcome to my life!” He sent me this picture while I was shopping…I can NEVER get my 2 crazy kids to both look at the camera at the same time….but HE managed it! With his phone nonetheless! It’s cute…they were being really good for him!

The kids…trying on one of my sample sale finds!

Don't mind that dress! Chasey was playing dress-up!

Just a couple more random pics from the weekend….

Cash imitating the picture James drew of him!

Chasey getting tossed around and loving every second of it!

Cash…looking like that kid in peanuts that always plays the piano!

(How bad that I can’t remember which kid that is? Help me people…which character is it?)

Then…deciding to play with his feet!

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  1. yay! that's cool you got some good stuff at the sample sale!
    love that last photo of cash playing with his toes! haha