Thursday, March 18, 2010

St. Patricks Dinner...and a visit from the Leprechauns?

The picture is not the best...but the food was oh so yummy!!

Our family is not a big fan of the traditional "Corned Beef & Cabbage" this is what I came up with for our "Green-Themed Dinner!"

Baked Chicken....topped with sliced tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, avocado and Pesto sauce
Green Mashed Potatoes

I had green jello for dessert too, but Chasey informed me that she no longer likes jello, Cash was being a stinker and was in time out and was NOT going to get I didn't bother to make it!

And another thing...Do Leprechauns visit your house?? I know they never visited mine so I really didn't know about this...

Chasey came home from school yesterday and apparently Leprechauns came into her classroom the night before and made a little mischievious mess and left candy for the kids! A few of the kids were talking about how the Leprechauns had been to their houses too.

Needless to sensitive little Chasey was so upset that the Leprechauns didn't visit our house...I made up a story about how they are so tiny that they couldn't get around to everyones house in one night...they aren't Santa after all! I figured I would do something...I have no idea what...but something...after the kids fall asleep.

Fast forward to 4:20am....OH CRAP! Having one of those can't sleep for an hour in the middle of the night moments....and realized the Leprechauns ( forgot to stop by our house! 4:20am...I went into the out the girl scout cookies...took little bites out of them and left crumbs all over the counter....Got out the art stuff...found the glitter....sprinkled green glitter all over the mess...and left 2 small 100 grand candy bars for the kids (leftover from Halloween!)....It was a small effort...but worth every bit of middle of the night panic when the first thing Chasey said when she woke up was (in a whiny voice) "the leprechauns didn't come"...I said..."I think they did...go look in the kitchen!" I had one very happy, excited little girl.

It doesn't take much!

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