Monday, March 1, 2010

I'm sick to my stomach...

On December 27th I took the kids outside to ride their new bikes that they got for Christmas...This outside playtime was cut short because of the helicopter that was flying overhead telling me that a woman was just attacked and they were looking for a white male, 6 foot about 220 lbs wearing a blue jacket...and to please go inside and lock our doors!

REALLY? I couldn't believe it! I live in Suburbia!! Nice, calm, comfortable, quiet neighborhood! This is nuts! And even more nuts that I have to explain to Chasey that she cant ride her new bike right now because there is a bad person in our neighborhood and we need to stay inside.

Since that day, I NEVER leave the doors unlocked.

Friday morning...February 26th...The damn helicopter is out again. I thought there was NO way they were looking for someone AGAIN? Poor Chasey asked, "Mom, did they ever catch the bad guy? Why are there bad guys?" It's so hard to have to explain reality to her.
I called James to tell him that we live in the ghetto and there is a helicopter out again. (We live FAR from the ghetto...I was joking with that reference). He had heard on the radio that morning that a 17 year old girl was jogging on Thursday and was missing. Great! Just Great!

Fast forward to Sunday....the search is still on...there are police everywhere, a volunteer center has been set up and this is all happening in MY neighborhood.

I read online Sunday night that they arrested a 30 year old sex offender and he is being charged for rape and murder. He is from Lake Elsinore...about an hour north.

Fast forward to Monday morning...Details emerge...this guy was living IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD!!! IN MY TOWNHOUSES....I could throw a rock at his mom's house where he was staying!!!! His mom's condo is 1100 feet from the elementary school....He is a registered sex offender and cannot live within 2000 feet of a school. They are 90% sure that he is responsible for the attack in December as well...luckily she got away by punching him in the nose with her elbow.

My stomach is a mess...knowing that this guy was living right next to me. I don't remember ever seeing him, but he was there. I have 2 little kids and he was living by us.

Chelsea is still missing...I have an extremely bad feeling that they will find her body and she is not alive...but just in case, please look at her picture.

Hug your babies, never run alone, take self defense classes, carry pepper spray with you if you do run, always lock your doors...because you NEVER know who could be living next door!

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