Wednesday, November 3, 2010

577 Measly Votes!!

So...we lost...The entire family is in shock! Thought for sure he had it in the bag! As we can see from the voting results of the entire country there is a huge shift toward Republican. About 80% of the Republican candidates on the ballot in Marion County, IL won.
I was online for hours last night...hitting "refresh" "refresh" "refresh"....just waiting for more precincts to log in their votes! At first it was 50% reporting and the votes were EXACTLY 50/50!!! I almost died when I saw that....Then...61% reporting...STILL 50/50!! It was nuts....Then at 71% reporting, the other guy pulled ahead to 52.6% and my dad at 47.4%....then at 100% it was 52% and 48%! SOOO SOOO close! Everyone involved with his campaign worked so hard and put so much time and effort into it. I'm super sad! But then...I think about the ballot....I guess someone has to lose! More people lose than win so it's not like we are the only family that is a little bummed today.

Lots of love and hugs to the world's best Grandpa!


  1. aw bummer, mel:( i'm sorry... big loss for dems across the country:(

  2. Hi. My dad was running for Governor (democrat too) of Georgia. We had the same outcome! I've grown up in this life, so I know how hard the losses can be. Good will get better!