Friday, November 26, 2010

Table for Four!

Head louse - כינת הראש
(photo from flickr)
Can you believe something this small has caused such a NIGHTMARE in our house?? Do you have any idea what this thing is? It's head lice...well this is a louse because it is just one, but LICE came home from school with Chasey and it's been an absolute nightmare! (Six other cases at her school that we know were almost certain that is where it came from) I wasn't going to say a word about these damn things because the stigma associated it with them is not good. But..I want to come out and say that these things can happen to ANYONE? Clean, dirty, rich, doesn't matter! It just happens! If your kid is around other have a very high chance that you will have to deal with them at some point in your life.

And the WORST part about this....Chasey crawls in bed with me almost every the only reason I even knew we had lice was because my head started itching! Once my head was itching I just knew! I had a nurse look at me at a baby shower that I was at and she confirmed that she saw a few eggs. At that moment, I left the shower, bought RID and treated us both immediately! Well...that was over a week and half ago! The next day I saw eggs in Chasey's hair againso we did a home remedy. 2 hours of Listerine on our hair, 2 hours of vinegar....helped...but still eggs....did another round of RID on my hair....still eggs. Spent THREE straight hours picking eggs out of Chasey's hair and was hoping I got rid of every last one....My aunt came over and did the same to mine.

2 days later...eggs! James even found a live one in my hair! UCK! This is after 3 chemical treatments and hours of handpicking the eggs out!

Bought an "electric bug zapper" comb! Don't know if this works or not, but the comb sure feels good on my head. Our heads are have tons of little scabs on them so we itch even when the bugs are gone! Lice feed off your blood....they bite you 2-3 times per day to live. They also lay 6 eggs per day...that is why they multiply so fast! The eggs DO NOT wash out...they are super sticky and have to be pulled grab a hold of it with your fingernail and pull it all the way to the bottom of the hair strand. That literally is the only way!

2 nights ago...(10 days into this process) I SLEPT with my head covered in Vinegar. Vinegar is supposed to loosen the glue on the eggs. I woke up and washed my hair and knock on wood....Haven't seen any since. It's harder on me because I can't check my own head. I diligently look in Chasey's hair so she is good. If I happen to see anything, I pull it out immediately and I think were good on her hair!

All the stuffed animals, dress-up clothes...even the couch cushions are bagged up in the garage in "Quarantine!" I have spent so many hours fighting these damn bugs! My power bill is going to be through the roof with all the laundry that I've washed in "hot"! My hair is breaking from all of the crap I've put on it and we had to cancel our Thanksgiving plans....I would not wish this on my worst enemy!

Table for Four please? A little lonely, but at least we had each other!

Took the kids to the duck pond before we ate so they could run off some energy!

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! I have so much to be thankful for...even if these bugs are trying to kill me! haha

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