Thursday, November 18, 2010

Don't look Grandma's!

I know the Grandma's are reading this now...I kept it private for a very long time...well..private as in not letting anyone in my family read my blog! The cat's out of the bag now...I pissed people off...but I can't please everyone. I was hurt. bad. and sometimes those feelings still come out. I probably shouldn't share everything with the world...but I would tell a stranger my life story. That's just me. It's how I've always's how I'll always be. My life is an open book. What do you want to know?

The title of this..."Don't look Grandma's" is because the kids and I have been working on Christmas presents. Chasey is SO artistic. She would do "art stuff" all day long if I let her! She loves it so much and she's very creative and can draw way better than me! She gets the drawing skills from her dad...that's for sure!

We had half days at school all week so we've actually had a couple extra hours each day to get some projects done! We painted some Christmas balls. They are so cute. The kids did them almost completely by themselves. I did some of the detail, but for the most part, Chasey and/or Cash painted them!

check out the concentration on their faces!...and that's paint in Chasey's hair! She had it everywhere!

You like my creative "ball holder" Some unsharpened pencils, chopsticks from sushi take-out and a box...and I have a drying rack!

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  1. Mel, that is such a great idea! I think I'm going to borrow it! You're such a good mom. Can't wait to see you in a few weeks:)