Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Vote For Veltman! and a whole bunch of other stuff!

So....today is a HUGE day for my family! My dad is running for judge in Marion County, Illinois!! He won the democratic vote in the February primary election and is now the sole democratic candidate for the position on the ballet today! He's up against another local lawyer who is Republican. Although I live a couple of thousand miles away, I am there in spirit! I wish more than anything that I was with my family tonight! My parents split when I was little, but they still get along and my mom and step-dad are there, my step-mom, all of my aunts, uncles, cousins, brother, grandma's, grandpa's...my ENTIRE family...except for the few of us here....are all there supporting him today!

They are all getting together and the votes start coming in at 5:30 my time (Pacific). I have the page bookmarked and I will be hitting "refresh" "refresh" "refresh!" just like I did in February! It's so nerve wracking!! Everyone says he has it in the bag, but...you just never know! A bunch of republicans can rush the polls today...who knows?!

The few of us here in Southern California got together last night to send our love...via Facebook!...

and...since I missed Halloween posts...here are a few pics!

My boyfriend..."The Biebs"

40 year old Biebs...and 36 year old Hannah Montana!"

Chasey was a kitty...but for some reason she refused to wear her ears or tail to school!

Hopefully I'm back with good news tonight!! :)
Vote for Veltman!! Go Dad!

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