Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The things I learned at Disneyland....

Always...ALWAYS....stop to take a picture at the Mickey head made out of flowers when you first walk in....

$50 worth of face painting for three little munchkins is SO worth it because it makes them SOO SOO happy!

A day at Disneyland with your cousin is going to be one of your lifetime favorite memories! (you may not know that yet...but mommy does)

I am SO very lucky to have a little boy that will take a nap ANYWHERE and can be transferred a thousand times during that nap and stay asleep!

I STILL get excited when I get to see Mickey!

After 1 full day at Disneyland...even little ones need a pick me up before the 2nd day!

The Jersey Shore likes Disneyland too!

Cash is now tall enough for almost every ride and he is going to be my little brave one!

I will NEVER ride the crazy ferris wheel at California Adventure again...yes...it looks like we are having fun...and we WERE...but I felt super carsick by the time it was over!

Margaritas are a MUST after getting rained out on your last day at Disneyland! (my brother Dougie and his wife Tanya)

and...My absolute FAVORITE picture of the trip! My niece Kylie was not a big fan of that ferris wheel that I was talking about either!

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  1. Great pictures! Looks like a fabulous time and yep, I too love that last pic :) Priceless!