Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What's in your bag?

I've seen a few other bloggers write about the contents of their purse/bag on any given day...I thought it would be funny to dump out my purse on the kitchen table and see what lurks in there!! least it gave me a chance to clean it out!

1. My beloved Custom Tylie Malibu purse...It says "CHASEY" on the strap...yes...I got it BEFORE Cash entered my life and I still carry!
2. Crappy....only here until my birthday....cell phone! I'm getting the Iphone for my birthday...either from James...or I'm buying it for myself! I NEED to enter the world of "apps"!
3. Groupon to Barnes & Noble!
4. Coupon Organizer...I use coupons religiously
5. Paint Color Samples and Idea book...looking to re-do the bathroom and master bedroom
6. My old phone...I carry it because my phone numbers didn't transfer to the new (old) one and I need to look up numbers every now and then
7. Checkbook
8. Wallet...I won't even begin to look at what is in that doesn't even shut!
9. H&M reusable grocery sack
10. gum...always an assortment of gum in my purse for my 2 little gum monsters
11. Motrin, Tylenol, Aleve...there is an assortment of headache medicine in that little bottle...for days when the kids just push me over the edge! (or...days that mommy drank too much wine with her friends!)
12. You know....stuff for when "Aunt Flo" is in town
13. dental mom will be proud that I carry that with me!
14. Purse's super heavy and weighs down my purse, but I use it all the time at restaurants!
15. 3 pens
16. Assortment of lip gloss, lipstick and chapstick
17. Chasey's dress-up rings
18. Really old bottle of visine...Not sure if I've ever even used it
19. too much change...another reason why my purse is sooo heavy
20. "Easy Chops" or whatever they are called....little plastic things that turn chopsticks into kid chopsticks in a snap!
21. Spy sunglass bag
22. Pair of Chasey's socks? Not sure why those are in my purse
23. little green man
24. safety pins...never know when you will need one of those
25. Wristband from Zehnder's Waterpark in Michigan...went there over Christmas break and its STILL in my purse?!
26. Pretzels...yes...pretzels were floating around the bottom of my purse.

So...there you have it...I'm a hoarder! Obviously!

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