Monday, March 7, 2011

This mom loves a good deal!

The kids and I have 2 year passes to Sea World so we are frequent visitors at the Shamu show! It's so nice to have passes because we can just run down there for the afternoon and not feel like "we didn't get our money's worth" if we don't stay the whole day and see each and every show! Our normal routine is that I tell the kids we can see TWO shows...which always turns out to be the "Shamu" show and the "Pet's Rule" show....which is the dog & turned dog, cat, pig, ducks, emu's, kangaroo and macaw's show!

Both shows are good so I enjoy them just as much as the kids. I'm bummed that the trainers don't get in the water with the Whales anymore...but who can blame them. It's still magical seeing those large mammals following directions and jumping so high out of the water! Amazement every single time!

I took the kids down on Saturday afternoon and they each had $10 to spend. Money that they got from their Grandparents for Valentines Day. Chasey picked out a small (like the size of my hand) penguin with big eyes. It was adorable, but I told her to wait and we would come back to that store to get it before we left if we did not find anything else.

As we were headed to the Shamu show we passed a store called Trader's Cove...I've seen it a thousand times, but never went in. I thought what the heck, let's check out this store...The sign outside said "Nothing over $10"...Perfect!

We walk in...and what do we see? Sea World's Clearance Department!!! HOLY COW! Clothes, toys, trinkets, stuffed animals...ALL marked down to under $10....Guess what my kids got?! For $9.88 each!! I'm still amazed!

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  1. Thanks so much for this tip! Saved me today! Found you through Sandiegodealsandsteals:)