Friday, February 26, 2010


(picture has absolutely nothing to do with this post)

That’s what we call them around our house…I've mentioned it before, but I actually have a notebook where I write down funny/cute things that she says...Here are a couple from yesterday...

Last night while watching the Women’s Olympic Figure Skating…

Chasey – Mom, why doesn’t she have an apartment?
Me – huh?
Chasey – Why doesn’t she have an apartment? Why is she alone?
Me – OOOH!! She doesn’t have a PARTNER…because this is Singles Figure Skating.
Chasey – I love figuring!
Me – you mean figure skating?
Chasey – yes…I love figuring!

Yesterday Cash was sick so we stayed home. I had to run to the doctor to drop something off...On the way home, we stopped at Chic-Fil-A for lunch…(Cash was feeling MUCH better by the way)

Conversation in the bathroom…

Chasey – I washed my hands mom…
Me – that’s great Chasey!
Chasey – Mom…is this HANITIZER?
Me – Yes Chasey!…it is Hanitizer (hand sanitizer) go ahead and squirt away!


  1. Drop "something" off at the doctor? I remember one of your previous posts. ;) I have a guess. LOL

    My mom also calls E funny things "Easton-isms". :) The hanitizer one reminded me of waiting in line at the mall to see Santa and they gave the kids a squirt and E called it "Santatizer"!

    Man, you and Chasey just reminded me I have not been watching any figuring this Olympics. Shame on me cuz I love it too!

  2. So funny Mel! Love her little isms:)

  3. Love these! It's great that you are keeping a record of them.

    I know a little boy who cracked me up when he said he had a prostitute teacher instead of a substitute.

    Thank you sooo muuch for visiting on my SITs day and making me feel special.