Wednesday, December 9, 2009




Visits from Mom. (I'm so excited)

More Birthdays.

Oh man! This time of year just kills me! (and my wallet!)

Why is it that all of my friends have kids born in December?? Me included!! I always get the "what were all of you doing 9 months before December?" joke...but Chasey was due in February and she showed up as an early Christmas present!

I'm starting to feel overwhelmed. Today is Wednesday. We have a birthday party at Pump it Up tonight...Which is awesome...the kids can play and I don't have to cook dinner. Then Saturday, another party...then Saturday night, a Christmas party....then Sunday...a party at Chuck E Cheese.

Then....the stress really hits....Chasey's FIFTH birthday! Her party....not only does it cost a small fortune to throw her party, but her dad and his new girlfriend will be there....Need I say more... I don't mind being around my ex. We get along. I wouldn't say we are "friends" but we get along.
and then I kick myself for letting that bother me...You know what? Who cares about that? I'm a damn great mom! I am doing this party on my own...Just like I did last year! I have a wonderful boyfriend who helps me with anything and everything and even puts up with the fact that we are doing this whole party and STILL inviting her dad! Some opinions are that he shouldn't be invited if he doesn't help. My opinion....that only hurts Chasey!

Then....Christmas.....THEN....that wonderful boyfriend I turning FORTY!!! I don't think he reads this blog...(I showed it to him, but wouldn't give him the url)....but just in case he's sneaky and figured it out....I'll leave it at that. BUT...I'm busy!

So....the next few weeks are going to be crazy. I started this blog so I could have an outlet...somewhere to journal my daily life.....somewhere to be honest. I doubt any of the above mentioned parties will ever read this...but this is my life...these are my thoughts...THIS is why I blog. I would tell a stranger about my life if they seemed at all interested. I'm an open be it!

My four....almost 5 year old Chasey...Mommy loves you and although I bitch and complain that your birthday is 6 days before Christmas....I am so thankful to have you and even more thankful that you are healthy and here with us today! You were a tiny Christmas Miracle!

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  1. I'm so glad you're blogging, so there! I AM INTERESTED

    LOVE THIS PICTURE!!!! Hope you blow it up and frame it