Thursday, December 3, 2009

Pizza...Wine...and sippy cups!

I love my friends! I'm so lucky to have friends that have been there for SO many years! We can easily go a year...sometimes 2...sometimes 10 and not see each other, but when we get together it's like not one day has passed!

Last night I got together with 3 of my high school girlfriends...Nothing has changed, well, a little has changed...almost 20 years have gone by...there's 7 gorgeous kids between us, a husband, 2 ex-husbands, 1 baby daddy (he doesn't deserve an EX status), and 3 wonderful boyfriends! Life is interesting! We ate pizza, drank a little wine and took WAY too long to tell a of the kids was constantly having to go pee, needed a drink, dessert, the channel changed or screaming because another one of the kids bit them (those were my 2 kids!) but honestly...the way I feel about these girls...has not changed! I love these girls like I did when we were in high school! When nothing in life mattered except being with your friends...finding the next party, and spending long days at the beach! I wouldn't go back to those days if you paid me (well...maybe just for a day or two), but thanks to these girls...and a few others that couldn't be there...I am one very lucky girl!

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  1. where are the pics of the adults?! I was trying to calculate who all the moms were ;)
    I wouldn't go back to high school for a million dollars. EVER. ha ha ha haha. seriously though.