Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Salivary Stone?

Last night, we were enjoying tacos...just regular crunchy hamburger meat tacos...Something I've eaten a thousand times before. All of a sudden the right side of my throat started to swell up! I started to freak out a little and said to James across the table "feel this"....his response "I can SEE it!" The gland on the right side of my neck (by my jaw) had blown up to the size of a golf ball! It was INSANE! I thought for sure I was having an allergic reaction and the other side was going to start swelling any minute!

I left the kids with James and rushed to Urgent Care. By the time I saw the dr (within an hour of the "incident") the swelling was almost gone. I thought he was going to think I was crazy, but he knew exactly what was going on. I have Sialoliths. Basically Salivary Gland Stones!

So now...I'm eating sour candies at my desk just hoping for a stone to show up in my mouth! I think I'm going to gross out when it does actually show up! Ewwww!! If I don't pass it on my own within a week...I'll be making a visit to the Ear Nose and Throat Doctor!

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  1. What's the update? Crazy thing is that my mom got one just a few weeks before you and it was her first time too! In her parotid though, not submandibular. Glad you had no pain!!