Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Gingerbread Men...and a little "horsing around"

This post is a few days late, but I had a busy...well...lazy weekend!
Friday nights take on a WHOLE new meaning once you have kids! I now spend my Friday nights at home doing "art stuff" or watching kid movies....or sometimes we have playdates with other mommies and kids (wine is usually involved in these ones!). Sure, I love a date night here and there or a night out with my girls...but nights in can be SO much fun!

At Christmas time, there are so many cool, easy things to do with your kids! This weekend we did all sorts of crafts....here is our attempt at making Gingerbread Men! and Women!

Notice the candle on the table? Cash made that for me at preschool! Oh how I love the mommy gifts from school!

I think more candy went into their tummies than actually on the cookies, but that was ok...we had fun!
(blurry pic...but had to document the mouthful of gumdrops!)

Chasey insisted that she make "Girls!"

(notice the missing arm...most of the cookies were broken when we took them out of the package)

the finished products...

Then to wear off the large amounts of sugar that they consumed...James took them for a few rides around the living room! He's such a good man!

Hope you enjoyed your weekend nights...in or out!


  1. Loving your blog already! :) Especially the picture in your header at the top LOL

    Hey, when is Chasey's birthday? I know it's this month--these silly preemies not waiting for Februrary.

  2. Her birthday is THIS SATURDAY!!! I can't believe my baby is going to be FIVE!!! So crazy!