Friday, December 4, 2009

I hate feet.... least that's what I've always told everyone so that they keep them away from me. I really do think they are kind of gross....

that is....until I had kids!

I seriously think I could EAT these feet! :)

We painted toenails last night! Oh the joys of having a girl! Someone who loves getting a mani/pedi as much as I do!
I love you sweet Chasey!
You make my life a ton of girly pink over-accessorizing fun!


  1. what kind of camera do you have? love this pic

  2. Hey Robin!
    I have a Canon Xti. It really is the love of my life!! (after my kids and James of course!)
    I was so excited to see that I had comments today!! I haven't told any of my family or friends about this because I kind of want to keep it so I can write about my true feelings without pissing anyone off! oh...the salivary stone is still there!!! just waiting to pass it!