Thursday, December 10, 2009

I won! I won!

I'm pretty lucky! I win things quite often! My mom is the same way. One year when I was very little, she won a whole half a cow! She was a young single mom with very little money. She tells me stories of how we had people over to eat steaks all winter long! It was so great!

I was SO excited when Robyn from Who's the Boss? blog sent me an email this morning telling me that I won a phone call from!! Chasey is at the PERFECT age for this! I read her post about how her son (who is about the same age as Chasey) got a call from Santa and he was so excited! Of course I entered her contest and was so excited to win it!

I placed my order for a custom call as soon as I got to the office and entered in all of Chasey and Cash's information and Santa...yes SANTA will be calling my kids on December 23rd! I am so excited! I will even get a cd recording of the call! I think I'm more excited to have a recording of my kids voices at this age! They are growing up so fast and their voices are constantly changing!

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