Monday, January 25, 2010

After the Rain...

We play in the creek!

This is normally a small trickle of really gross water, but because we got 6 1/4" of rain last week, we had some "clean" water running though! I let the kids play for awhile...I just really hope there's not some random bacteria in the water...
I'm still alive and I played in tons and tons of creeks growing up! I would hate to deny my kids of that fun!


  1. These are such great pics, Melissa. You really do seem to have a natural talent. And the clouds look really cool in the first two. Did you do anything fancy to those pictures in Photoshop or anything?

  2. Kristin-yes...I added Saturation to both of them....I like lots of saturated color...I add too much most of the time, but sometimes I get lucky! I really have no idea what I'm doing...I need to figure it out! Thanks!

  3. Darling photos. I love the angles. You are such a fun mom!