Friday, January 29, 2010

Just another Thursday...

Yeah! I wish!! I'm usually sitting at my desk on Thursdays...but not yesterday...
THIS is where I was!! Hello Big Bear! I've missed you! It was great to see you again yesterday!

I'll be back soon Big Bear!! I promise! :) Wish I could have stayed longer!

I came home to a whiny Chasey...her "head" hurt...then it was a definite "MY EAR hurts...on the inside!" I slept with her and woke up every hour trying to calm her tears....Went to the dr 1st thing this morning and she has a double ear infection. She is much better already...She's off to her dad's for the weekend with Cash.

Me....I've got a big GIRLS night! Oh how I love my girls nights! Actually going to a nightclub! Haven't been to one of those in awhile. Sometimes I still think I'm 21...until I walk in the club and I feel SO OLD!!! Oh "old ladies" (old in a 21 year old eyes) still got it! I'll be putting my dancing shoes on and I plan to sleep most of the day tomorrow! :)

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