Saturday, January 23, 2010 our house....

This is our version of fun!
When Cash brings me a newborn size diaper (that I saved for Chasey's dolls) and INSISTS that I put it on him!! Of course I did it and we all got a good laugh! These kids make nights at home full of laughs!

my future plumber!

(that's a birthmark on his leg)

ps-He actually peed in the diaper in the 3 minutes that he was wearing it!! Stinker!


  1. ha ha. I have pics just like that! Is that a hemangioma? Owen has 5 of them. A big one on top of his head that people are always like, "OH! did he hit his head? did you know he has a bump?" No actually, I'm an idiot mother and had no clue... LOL

  2. is a hemangioma....he has one on his butt under his diaper too. The one on his leg has lightened up so much since he was born.

    Funny story about the one on his leg. He got shots in his thigh one time and the nurse didn't see the birthmark...she went back to give him a second shot and you should have seen the look of panic on her face!! She thought he had just had a MAJOR reaction to the first shot she had given him! I laughed and then she realized what it was!