Thursday, January 7, 2010


Kids say the cutest things!

I keep a notebook in the kitchen and write down cute and funny things that the kids say...I have a piece of paper in the console in my car too. I used to always think that there was no way I could forget what Chasey just said because it was SO funny and SO cute....a day or two later....i couldn't remember for the life of me what it was that was so funny a day or two before. So...I started writing it down. Now with this blog, I can write things on here too...and it will forever be in blogland for me to look back at.

Last nights conversation between James and Chasey...

Chasey - "James, can I have a quarter?"
James - "I don't have one"
Chasey - "Can I have a nickel?"
James - "I don't have a nickel either"

Chasey - "Can I have a DIAMOND?"

Nice try Chasey!! Maybe that one will work on your future husband someday! haha

And here is a picture of her...because not only are the things that come out of her mouth cute, but she is so cute too!

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