Thursday, February 4, 2010

Best Hamburger...EVER!

My boss is buying a new house so we went with her realtor to see it today. He took us to the BEST little hamburger "snack shack" I've ever been to!! Oh man! It's one guy at the in the kitchen and that was the BEST burger I've eaten in recent memory! I was really hungry....but it was REALLY good! There was a line out the door by the time we were done eating!

If you are ever in Fallbrook, CA...check this little place out! Such nice people and AMAZING hamburgers!
(excuse the crappy phone picture!)

They "pre-cook" the cheese in a skillet before putting it on the burger so it makes a "skirt"....kind of crunchy on the edges. Something I have NEVER seen before, but so SO yummy!

Now I feel like a pig and I could take a good long nap...but it was worth it! :)

I have family in town and I'm SO excited to spend the weekend with them! Wine tasting in Temecula tomorrow!

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