Friday, February 19, 2010

So NOT fun...

Ever since my divorce I've had stomach issues...The kind where I'm totally fine for a week or two...then one day my food starts going through me like water. Totally "too much information" but it's becoming a problem.

I have a pretty high pain tolerance, so I can totally handle it...but everyone around me is telling me OVER and OVER again...CALL THE DR!! So I finally did!

Chasey had her 5 year well child visit this morning and she is healthy as a horse...70th% for height and 20% for weight...the dr said she was a little "thin", but I told him if he saw pictures of me and her dad when we were little, he would understand. Both of us had knees bigger than our thighs...We were the super rail thin kids. He still is...I've got a little meat on me now...but I'm still tall and thin(ish).

My appointment was right after hers. I thought they forgot about us because we waited almost an hour while person after person was coming and going and we hadn't been called....I did meet an AMAZING woman in the waiting room though. She was the friendliest woman I've ever met. She talked to Chasey for a little bit and Chasey was being shy so I did all the talking. She's moving back to Mississippi for Ministry in June and that is her calling (she told me so). I am NOT into religion at all....much to the dismay of my mother...I just have zero desire to go to I don't. But honestly...if this woman was my pastor....I would go to church every week. She was just THAT inspirational! And I only talked to her for about 10 minutes. I hope someday I run into her again...I think I will always remember her. Funny how some people really strike a cord with me?!

Ok...back to the dr appt! I finally got in there....she wanted to know full details about when I have stomach pains, what I eat when this happens, where the pain is, family history, etc etc....She ruled out an ulcer...also ruled out hemoroids (by checking...THAT was fun! ha), then sent me to the lab for bloodwork and lucky me...I got to bring home THIS...

I wont go into details...but I have to return it as soon as I can with a "sample"....NICE! blech!


  1. that is NO fun! the pic is great though, ha ha. I love the light.

    you must read this book ASAP. As in go buy it now. The author's personal story will strike a cord with your situation... and he rocks, the info rocks, the "diet" rocks. The Maker's Diet by Jordan Rubin

  2. Thanks Robin! I'll go get it on my lunch break tomorrow!

  3. Ooh, hope they figure out your stomach issue. Maybe you're just allergic to something you're not aware of?

    As for the amazing woman ... it's funny, my pastor once said that "going" to Church makes you a religious person as much as sitting in your garage makes you a car. It's all about your individual journey like this woman's. And the affect she had on you was, dare I say, "spiritual?"