Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Break in the Rain....

It rained most of the day yesterday and we spent the whole day inside. For a couple of hours though, the sun peeked through and we had the Bright blue, big fluffy cloud sky! My favorite!

Everything in the backyard was the kids added to it and made a homemade water slide. It was only about 60-something degrees out and I thought it was chilly....the kids are kids though and stripped down and played in the water! Then...came in for a warm bath!

It was fun watching them work together! No yelling, no screaming, only 1 (small) bite (Cash bites these days) and no hair pulling!

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  1. what? wonder why you cant see my pics? is it only on my last post? or all of them? i started using tinypic a while back, to upload my photos, and i noticed on my mac that it takes a little longer to upload, but it's been fine on my pc. weird.
    thanks for letting me know!
    and p.s. love that they are in swimsuits. love it.