Monday, February 15, 2010

Wish you were here....

What a beautiful morning!!

I'm sitting on my patio....sipping a hot cup of vanilla flavored coffee...perusing the internet and listening to the birds chirping like crazy! It's supposed to be in the high 70's, low 80's today! In FEBRUARY!!! I love San Diego!

I'm nursing my EXTREMELY sore body back to health by being lazy! I need to get up and get the house back in order before I go get my kids from their dad. I miss them like crazy on the weekends that I don't have them...but it sure is nice to get a little break sometimes...As I'm sure any of you moms out there understand!

I always tell people...the ONLY good thing about divorce is that I get a free babysitter every other weekend and I don't feel guilty about not being with the kids because I know they are with their dad and they need that time with him too. Oh...and there are a few other good things about finally being able to be yourself and not walk on eggshells everyday...Yes...THAT is the best thing about divorce!

Off to do laundry, grocery shop, and get the house picked up so that the munchkins can come home and destroy it again! :)

Chasey starts gymnastics again tonight...We took a 9 month break! Can't wait to see how she does. She is going to class with her friend Chandler so I think she will love it even more because of it!

Happy Monday! Ahh....the sun feels SO good on my shoulders!


  1. your weather sounds BEAUTIFUL! i'm in central florida, and it's even cold here!
    ready for the 70's to be back :)

  2. Ok, I am insanely jealous right now!! Right now it is 30 degrees here and that feels somewhat warm. Wish I was somewhere in the 70's!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!