Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Couch Nights...

This is most nights at our house...Cash usually goes to his bed to fall asleep, but this night he fell asleep half-on/half-off the couch!
I love to snuggle with my babies on the couch.
Cash wakes me up early every morning...I'm convinced it's so he can get "alone cuddle time" with mommy while we watch tv and wait for the sun to come up!

that's Goose...he never leaves her side

Tonight we will be doing this again....Watching the boys perform on American Idol!! We are so addicted to that show!! We all love it! Cash even sings's so cute!

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  1. wow, they stay up late! mine are done at 7:30! he he. Brutal to have a early riser...I give pep talks at bedtime "now stay in your bed if it's dark. don't wake up your mommy or brother. wait for the sun!" LOL. but really, I get pissed. ha ha