Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Dad....

YEAH!!! My dad won the primary election and is now the Democratic Candidate for Judge in Marion County, Illinois!!!!

Last night was so much fun! I'm 2000 miles away from my family and on nights like last night, it makes it really hard. But...thanks to the Internet, text messages and phone calls I felt like I was right there celebrating with him!

My dad is running for Judge in Southern Illinois. He is a Criminal Defense lawyer back there and a damn good one if I do say so myself! He ran against 3 other lawyers for the Democratic nomination and HE WON!!! I'm SOO SOO proud of my dad! He wants this SO BAD!

Check us out! We are on billboards all over southern Illinois right now! Having my cute kids on there won him the election...I just KNOW it! haha!

(camera phone's all I have)

If you happen to live in Marion County, IL...please check out to read all about him and what he stands for.

The kids and I flew home to surprise my dad last Halloween. Our family had a big "Vote for Veltman" float and the kids all rode on it. The next election is November 5, 2010....looks like the kids and I will be flying home to be in the parade again this year and staying through the election!

Way to go DAD! I love you lots!

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