Thursday, February 11, 2010

Love these girls...

Two of my favorite celebrities... are too cute! I think we would be great friends if we actually knew each other. You seem so fun and down to earth...Not to mention that you are married to a guy named "CASH!" Love that name...of course! You are such an amazing cute mom! Oh...and since you've already been photographed in that dress...can I PLEASE have it? I absolutely love it! are adorable...but...I think I bought that same dress for Chasey at Target. That dress looks cheap...I would probably wear it, but my budget is WAY different than yours. I love your voice, I love that you are from the midwest just like me. I love that you have succeeded and done so well for yourself, I love that they "discovered" you on American Idol...because it is my favorite show!! Oh...and your fiance is cute too!

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